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Strategy & business development

Uncover opportunities to create winning strategies and drive business performance.
Identify and implement a customer-centric strategy that differentiates you from the competition and creates sustainable growth.

Developing your new product or service is just part of the innovation process. Can you articulate the value to investors and customers? What is your go-to-market strategy? What are your channels to market?

We will collaborate to explore the elements of the business model, such as how you create and capture value, how you plan to gain a competitive edge, your target customer and how to reach them.  We use structured business development tools to probe deeply and translate the outputs into measurable and practical actions.



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Tools and methods we would typically use for developing strategies and a robust business model include:
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Start with WHY

Simon Sinek's 'Start with Why' is a simple but powerful model to explore the underlying purpose and values of every business.

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Value Proposition

Strategyzer's Value Proposition Canvas is an excellent tool to help you really understand your cusomer, the tasks they are doing and the opportunities to meet their needs.

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Lean Business Canvas

We have adapted the Lean Model Canvas especially for entrepreneurs to help focus on the customer and their problem and quickly formulate options for the key elements of the business. Staying lean saves time, effort and cost.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT Analysis is a planning tool that records external and internal factors to evaluate the market and better understand the factors that are favourable or unfavourable for a new venture.

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Stakeholder Analysis

The Stakeholder Analysis tool is a great method to identify all the people who could impact the project, and potentially find new resources to assist in the development and commercialisation.

Sustainability Model

The Sustainability Model is a structured approach to measuring the Environmental, Economic and Social Responsibility elements of a project. The criteria can be readily adapted to suit the requirements of each project.