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Market size data for technology startup

Monitoring technology for grain storage facilities

Up to 60% of the global production of grain is lost due to poor post-harvest management (Kumar and Kalita 2017). Lack of control over grain moisture content, temperature and insect infestations are the three most significant factors causing this loss. Lorenzo Conti, postgraduate student at University of Edinburgh, identified an opportunity and developed a concept for a remote probing device to give early detection of potential grain spoilage and help reduce losses.

"We had a unique technology, which meant there was no existing market data or similar product to compare against."

At True North Innovation we produced a mini report with drivers, trends and (crucially) market data on the size and forecasts for key regions.

The report provided Lorenzo and his team with the insightful data to apply for new grants and competitions. In the time since the report Crover has won all the business competitions it has entered, including Scottish Institute for Enterprise's 'Fresh Ideas'. With evidence about the size of the opportunity, the team can continue with patent applications and expanding the team.

"What we couldn't do in weeks of searching through the literature, True North Innovation was able to do in a few days, helping us better understand our market, validating the business proposition and on the way helping to address potential issues through a more solid business model.”
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