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Supporting new enterprises from concept to commercialisation.
Be more creative, solve problems and develop more innovative products and services that customers will value.

Innovation takes many forms. It could be a new idea, product or service. It could equally be a new way of doing things, reaching out to a new groups of customers or working with new partners. Innovation, then is not just for R&D labs or marketing people. IT really is for everyone!

Innovation can be applied to stretch thinking during the brainstroming stage, to solve technical and business problems or simply to apply more creative thinking every day.

We collaborate with businesses of all sizes, creating bespoke programmes for specific requirements. We also deliver innovation workshops in 1-to-many format.

Together we solve problems, develop more innovative products, create new processes and introduce new ways of thinking and working.



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Tools and methods we would typically use for accelerating innovation include:
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Innovation Tree

The Innovation Tree is a handy tool for structured brainstorming; there is a theme (trunk), topics (branches) and ideas (leaves). It provides visual feedback, encouraging the team to be more creative, building on others' suggestions or prompting new ideas where there are gaps.

Ideal Final Result

The Ideal Final Result (IFR) is a Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) tool to describe the optimal outcome, with maximum benefit, and minimum cost / harm. This helps to stretch thinking to design the ideal solution.

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9 Windows View

The Nine Windows View is another  TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) tool to help people literally think outside the box. It urges people to consider TIME (what was the situation like before and in future) and SPACE (what is the external environment and subsystem).


The concept of Resources is a practical tool to consider all the tangible and intangible assets at your disposal. This is useful for carrying out an Intellectual Property (IP) audit; also to optimise the innovation process and create new circular economy solutions..

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Contradictions Matrix

The Contradictions Matrix, together with the 40 Inventive Principles, provide you with a powerful tool to expand creative thinking. It helps you move away from current paradigms and explore new options for solving problems or developing solutions.

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Function Analysis

Function Analysis is a key tool for dissecting a problem, understanding the components, their positive and negative interactions, and how the system and subsystems function. Only then can you determine the options for improvement.