We work with you right from the start of the innovation process - where things can be a bit "fuzzy" - to help you develop clarity and focus.

We combine Market Insights, Inventive Thinking and Market Validation to jump start your innovation process. This helps you develop value-added products and services for real-world problems and people.

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Our approach is


We start with the customer and their needs.This provides you with the necessary customer-centric focus and structure.


We deliver usable and practical outputs. The tools and methods we use are easily learned and can be adapted to your needs.

Results Oriented

We work together with you to deliver outcomes that deliver value-added innovation.


Innovation is fun! We love collaborating and enjoy working with our clients.

Meet The Team

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United by a passion for innovation, how we work is almost as important as what we do. We like our innovation to be fun, pragmatic and practical.  With over 60 years' combined experience in innovating and growing businesses we bring real world insight and impact to ambitious organisations.

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Rowan Norrie

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Thinking big - helping you have more and better ideas

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Karine Burns

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Delivering value - making innovation work in your business and meeting real needs

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Joanne Hagerty

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Asking questions  - understanding customer needs and market trends


Cait Murray-Green,

CEO Cuantec

Well researched, reflecting depth of understanding, employing current marketing analysis techniques and always presented in an accessible manner with good pace and tone. Additionally they have excellent client communication skills. Highly recommended.


Rutger Zietsma,

Owner, Neurodynamica

We very much appreciated True North Innovation's thorough and methodical approach to market assessment. The final market research report that was produced includes a great deal of detail about potential additional markets for our technology, the competitive scene and trends, which will allow us to diversify into non-clinical markets and create future robust R&D action plans.

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Bob Cumming

General Manager, Cellexus

I  thought that the use of  TRIZ was much easier than I expected and provided solutions to the problem which would not have been thought of otherwise.

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